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The Mindful Nurse Review

Nursing is a challenging occupation yet a fulfilling one. We encounter a lot of difficulties whenever we attend to our patients needs, while carrying out doctors order and doing administrative work. Reading this book reminded me of the funny, stressful and noteworthy experiences I had when I was still working as a clinical instructor. Coping… Continue reading The Mindful Nurse Review


The Entrepreneurial Evolution Book Review

I just started on my new venture, FreeHand writing services a month ago and at first I was so excited because we are having so many clients and getting a lot of work. Then after a few weeks I can feel that slowly my excitement is becoming lesser and stress is starting to set in.… Continue reading The Entrepreneurial Evolution Book Review

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Work at home 101

Being a stay home mom ,taking care of two boys aged 1-year-old and 4 years old ( my two older kids lives with their grandparents) while doing household chores can be difficult. You need to always multitask, juggling one or two, sometimes three chores at a time. I can say I’m good at it but… Continue reading Work at home 101