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4 Skin Problems Your Dermatologist Needs To See Today


Photo courtesy of Pixabay.com/Kjerstin_Michaela

As we age there are a lot of changes that happens to our skin. Sun exposure is the number one cause why we are exposed to skin damage. At the same time, there are also lifestyle factors that contribute to your skin problems like diet, smoking and even the skin products that you choose to apply to your skin.

It is a necessity for you to consult a dermatologist at least twice a year. Your scheduled visits will also depend on your skin problems. Here are some of the skin condition that your doctor needs to check.


Warts are small circular bumps on your skin. According to WebMD, Human Papillomavirus is the reason why there are different varieties of warts. The ones you usually see on your hands are called common warts. These are grayish, grainy, elevated bumps on your skin. Flat warts are flat discolored spots that are usually found in your inner thighs, face and limbs. More than 100 types of warts are found on the skin, if you find any of these, don’t forget to set an appointment with a dermatologist. Warts are contagious and need to be checked by your health care provider.


There are a lot of teenagers and even adults who experienced having an acne in one point of their lives. Acne is a result of blocked pores and your hormonal changes are usually the culprit why you have this on your skin. Some people are unaware that you cannot just put any cream or makeup on your face especially if you have a sensitive skin. Doing so will lead to Acne.

Self-medication only worsens the problem since most of us don’t know our skin type.We are tempted to buy any facial products that are available in the market right now without consulting a skilled dermatologist.

Skin Discoloration

Our active lifestyle and our health condition make us prone to skin discoloration as mentioned in MedlinePlus. It affects the melanin production of our skin cells that is responsible for our skin pigmentation. It may make some areas of our skin darker or lighter than the other parts of our body. It may not be so appealing to see a discolored skin especially if it’s too obvious. Your dermatologist will be able to recommend several services that will help improve and even out your skin color.


It’s easy to buy an over the counter drug when some parts of our body become itchy. But when your skin becomes inflamed and flaky for a long time you should consider having it checked by your dermatologist. It may not be a usual insect bite or rash but rather a more serious condition like Eczema.  There are several factors that can trigger this condition including allergens, food, irritants and even hot and cold temperatures. Your dermatologist will plan the medical management needed to treat the symptoms.

Make it a habit of consulting your dermatologist if you have skin problems or if you find any strange marks on your skin. Only a highly trained doctor will be able to take away your worries.

For more information about the services that you need, call 0925 345 7546 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Camille Caladiao of Skin Aesthetique.


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