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New Healthy Treatments from Skin Aesthetique



The Angeles City, Pampanga-based skin care dermatologic clinic Skin Aesthetique is proud to announce its newest addition to its healthy variety of treatments,  the Liver Detox and Vitamin Boost treatment. These new range of procedures that started a month ago are now eliciting good feedback from clients. It’s one of the most promising services the clinic offers.
Detoxification treatments are becoming a trend since being fit and healthy is becoming a lifestyle. People are more interested in having a better health nowadays. They are now aware of the need to remove all the harmful toxins that we breathe and ingest in our bodies every day.
Liver Detox is a popular treatment for those who are experiencing liver and cardiac problems, diabetes, and arthritis. It helps in liver cell regeneration and repair of damaged cells, providing vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants to the body. So, it’s great for those who have high liver enzymes, under maintenance medicines and even those suffering from alcoholism. This procedure will make them feel more revitalized and healthy.
Another way to give people that extra stamina and youthful glow is Vitamin Boost. It aids in improving endurance and mental agility to be able to do strenuous activities. This impressive treatment is recommended for those who are suffering from anemia, vitamin deficiency, weight problems and poor stamina.


Skin Aesthetique also specializes in different skin treatments for the young and old. They also have their own skincare products and services that enhance beauty and improves skin complexion. The company’s vision is to deliver targeted skin treatments for everyone.
Dr. Camille Caladia, company owner, and in-house dermatologist mentioned that they do not upsell products or services that are not needed by their clients. She also added that they provide targeted solutions to make their clients feel more confident and younger looking.


Top Skin Care Clinic Choice in the North

Skin Aesthetique provides medical grade treatments for acne, aging and skin lightening which is a sought after treatments right now. Skin treatments are very affordable, starting at 150 pesos while beauty skin products are sold as low as 99 pesos. Some of their popular services include Diamond Peel, Glyco Radiance Peel, Saly Peel for Pore Refining, Medicalla, Botox, Dermal Fillers and the non-invasive Utralift and much more.

“I guarantee that my patients receive only the best and the latest techniques and technology in the field of non-invasive aesthetic and cosmetic dermatology,” a promise by Dr. Caladiao to her clients.
Find more products and services at http://www.Skinaesthetique.com , or visit the clinic at 55-A Don Juico Avenue, Clarkview, 2009 Angeles City, Pampanga from 10am-7pm from Mondays to Saturdays.

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