The Entrepreneurial Evolution Book Review


I just started on my new venture, FreeHand writing services a month ago and at first I was so excited because we are having so many clients and getting a lot of work. Then after a few weeks I can feel that slowly my excitement is becoming lesser and stress is starting to set in. I’m glad I came across this book, “The Entrepreneurial Evolution.” I learned the importance of knowing how and when to fill your cup. It’s true, you can’t let it stay always full or empty or else you wouldn’t know it’s value.

Also, I didn’t have that concrete plan on how I would run the group. I didn’t have long term goals either. I just wanted to make sure books are made and deadlines are not missed. But I was so wrong, it’s not all about that. The Entrepreneurial Evolution made me realize my mistakes and inspired me to make goals and start planning as soon as I can. This will help me become more organized and focused. I’m starting to work on that though.

Lastly, freelancers like me becomes so overwhelmed with all the work coming and it comes to a point where we become so exhausted and later on we become unproductive. The No Business Diet advice from the book may really be the key to all of us feeling worn out. Have vacation, spend time with your loved ones and finding an inspiration will really help us become more productive and refreshed! Then maybe new ideas and more energy will be pouring in.

And there’s a lot more that you need to know, if you’ll only read this book! Such a BIG help from someone with humble beginnings. Wonderful content Lior. Got a glimpse of how you started and I was so impressed. Happy to read your book!


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