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A Piece Of Heaven in Palawan

Longest white beach in the Philippines
Longest white beach in the Philippines

Are you tired of the everyday hassles that the city is giving you? Do you want to break away from it all and immerse yourself in the beauty of nature? Then you should visit Turublien Beach Resort. It’s situated in the 2nd longest beach in Asia and the only longest beach in the Philippines. The coast stretches to about 14.7 kilometers long.

Turublien Long Beach is locatedin San Vicente, Palawan found on the northwest side of the mainland of Palawan. It is facing the South China Sea and you can expect its clear and pristine water.

This serene resort is in between El Nido Palawan and the famous Underground River of the  Puerto Princesa Subterranean National Park, hailed as one of the “Modern Seven Wonders of the World”. This is one reason why the place is popular among British and American tourists.


Turublien is an Agutaynen term means Heritage. Agutaynen is group of native people in Palawan. Locals believe that they are the first people and the rightful land owner of the long beach.

The owners thought of the resort venture in support of the Tourism program of the local government and because they were fascinated with the beauty of the paradise.The business opened last June 2015, manned by 3-5 staff, especially during the high season.


How to get there: From Manila, you need to take a plane ride going to Puerto Princesa City. From there, you can have a bus or a van ride going to the pickup point which is the New Agutaya bridge, San Vicente Palawan. Usually, the land travel will take 3-4 hours. There are private Van Rentals from the city that you can rent for 5,000-6,000 for a one-way trip or you can ride the shuttle service for a price of P300/passenger. You will then be fetched by their staff and have a 1 km river cruise until you reach Turublien Long Beach.


You will be greeted and served with welcome drinks by the staff as soon as you arrive. Registration and orientation will be provided in the Front Desk afterward you will be led to your rooms. Turublien Long Beach Inn has 10 rooms, with 4 small rooms and 6 big rooms to accommodate 4-5 people.

Turublien Long Beach will be perfect for families and friends who want to be more closer to nature. They are the number 1 backpackers’ choice in Palawan. You can try mangrove trekking, island hopping, sailing (using “bangka”) and other outdoor activities in the long beach. The island tour is priced at 1200/pax (9am-4pm) with free lunch for a minimum of 3pax per tour or trip. The best thing about the place is being able to relax and enjoy the serenity that you will only experience in this paradise.

guest turbulein

As of the moment, their restaurant is under construction and it will be fully operational by next month. You can opt to try their grilled dishes (fish, squid, and pork) and their house specialty named “KIBAW”. You can enjoy this delectable dish priced at 120/order good for 4/pax. You also have an option to bring your own food and cook it in their kitchen for only 50/ dish charge.



Turublien Long Beach Resort should be on top of your list this summer. Locals and foreigners who were able to visit the place gave good reviews about it and even recommends the resort. A local TV program – Byahe ni Drew taped one of their episodes here and will be aired sometime in August 2015. The program staff commends how the owners were able to preserve its’ virgin island appeal.

So what are you waiting for? Book now and see the wonders of nature at Turublien Long Beach Resort.



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